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The world we live in is changing, and we must keep pace with it. STEM education changes society by offering learners a new mindset and skills valued in any profession. They allow young people to be flexible, look for patterns, find connections, and evaluate information. Besides, STEM education raises social awareness. It communicates global issues to the general public.

Drawing a simple comparison between traditional educational approach and STEM education is very important for every parent to understand.

1. Knowledge vs implementation

2. Replication vs creation

3. Learning vs doing

4. Lectures vs interaction

5. Tests vs experiment

Kalam Academic Program for School (KAPS)

The KAPS is revolutionary change in the old outdated system. It marks a departure from archaic practices and introduces new methods in the pedagogy. The dismantling of the water tight compartments between curricular, extra-curricular and co-curricular subjects in school gives students the opportunity to hone their skills. Introduction of vocational training as a part of academic curriculum will reduce the gap between theoretical and practical perspectives. The concept of applied learning will be put to use instead of rote learning.

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