Science Major


Age Group

₹ 15999

9 Years - 18 Years

About the Course

This Course includes a 180 minutes session with our certified Stem Instructor which will cover more than 30+ topics of Physics and chemistry spanning different classes all explained using hands-on experiments and student will also understand their application using our applied learning methodology where student will be taught their real life application using our Plane kit.

This Course includes a builiding exercise of a fully functional RC plane which will cover multiple skills and concepts and enrich the kid in ways beyond your imagination.

The course also includes a fully functional Ready to fly rc plane which the students gets to keep at the end of the course.

Suitable for Kids aged 9 Years - 18 Years.

Flying Sessions

Educational goals

1. Force and Pressure
2. Push and Pull
3. Friction
4. Drag
5. Magnetic Effects of Current
6. Newton’s 1st Law of Motion
7. Newton’s 2nd Law of Motion
8. Newton’s 3rd Law of Motion
9. Thrust and Pressure
10. Buoyancy
11. Mass and Weight
12. Forms of Energy
13. Basic working of a plane
14. Control surfaces and it’s name
15. Basic Principle of a Plane
16. Introduction to flight simulator
17. Working principle of a motor
18. Law of Conservation of Energy
19. Centre of Gravity
20. Fleming’s left hand rule
21. Fleming’s right hand rule
22. Electric Potential and Potential Difference
23. Electric Power
24. Heating Effect of Current
25. Chemical effects of Current
26. Electromagnetic induction
27.Right hand thumb rule
28. Electric field
29. Uniform and Non-uniform motion
30. Gravitation
31. Metal and Non-metals

And many more.