Passionate Educators

4 August 2021 the day Flyo was born, the idea was very simple and straight forward “lets make learning fun again”.


Over the course of time education has lost a Sense of purpose and teaching has taken over learning.


Learning is a continuous process for every one of us. In a perfect world, we all learn something new every day.


There’s a Chinese proverb: “A thousand teachers, a thousand approach.” This proverb resonates the truth, as every teacher is unique, their methods and approach to teaching will vary even a little bit.


Differentiating learning and teaching is very easy. In direct definition, teaching is giving lessons about a particular subject to a group of learners. While learning is gaining knowledge by studying, being taught and experiencing. Many will assume that teaching is more important than learning, the truth is, learning is more important because it’s the end goal of teaching. Students can learn without teachers, but teachers can’t teach without learners.

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